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The rules of giving the leader jerseys:soccer jersey is best, numbers best represent the core[ 12-17 11:32 ]
Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards,even giving the leaders also should have rules, so have you followed the rules below?
The 2015 All-Star game jersey design, pay tribute to the host city[ 12-09 10:49 ]
According to the ESPN reported, the NBA jerseys supplier first announced the 2015 all-star game jersey design. Compared with the design of the previous years, this one jersey with some obvious adjustment, in a very simple but not easy to outdated style, to pay tribute to the host city and its culture and the style of basketball in New York.
Views on Jeremy Lin and Kobe Chinese version jersey are various[ 11-24 16:05 ]
Recently, according to Taiwan World Journal reported, to cater for the large number of Chinese fans love for Jeremy,the souvenir shop in Staples Center starts to sell Chinese version of the jersey.The English word "Lakers" on the jersey change into "湖人" two words in Chinese.In addition, because Chinese fans' favourite are Jeremy and star player Kobe Bryant, the Chinese jersey only Jeremy's 17, and Kobe Bryant's 24 two paragraphs.
New standard of basketball gear:gear color must be same as the jersey[ 11-20 10:18 ]
Recently Chinese Basketball Association issued a notice, according to the FIBA rules of the basketball rules and the actual situation that CBA and WCBA league equipment suppliers supply,now the specific requirements of athletes use relevant equipment will further defined as follows.
New season Christmas match's jersey: sleeveless style and the name printed on the back[ 11-15 15:47 ]
Beijing time on November 15, the NBA announced the new season Christmas wars shirt style.Compared with last year, this year's Christmas match kit give up the short sleeve style, change back to the ordinary sleeveless shirt style before, at the same time, behind the players will be printed on their first name, not the last name.
The jersey for preventing sudden death is in the pipeline[ 11-13 11:04 ]
The jersey of soccer player in the future may install an electronic chip, to monitor their physical state, prevent stadium sudden death.
The NBA jersey hierarchy you know how much[ 11-10 13:24 ]
Currently visible jersey variety is multifarious on the market, there is a general adult version Swingman, youth version Swingman, adult version Replica, girls version Replica...For those friends who just entering kit world must be feel tremendously complex !
How much do you know about the source of the soccer jersey’s color?[ 11-07 16:03 ]
In fact, almost every national team has its own traditional jersey color that has carried on nearly hundred years, the color became the player's totem, even blood symbol of the team.How much you know about jersey color source?
Why are we obsessed with the basketball?[ 11-03 16:16 ]
Plunging temperatures let a person feel winter's quietly approaching.Although the weather gets cold, but for basketball fans, burning fireworks is burning in the heart, because the NBA new season is in full swing.Whether you are growling for goals ecstatically, feel dejected for their failure?The sport of basketball tightly relate to our joys and sorrows, why do we will become addicted to the basketball?
The Spanish football ugly jerseys appear frequently,cannot bear to look[ 10-30 11:05 ]
Of many classic shirt in world football fans left a deep impression, but there are some jerseys, can make the fans could not bear to look straight.Recent Spanish football, there are a few ugly jerseys, the jerseys, even loyal fans club, will lament "too ugly".
Why does your jersey stink after sports?[ 10-28 16:29 ]
According to a new study published in the journal , the stench is real, and there is a reason.
Top 10 basketball jersey since 2000,represents the glory of the past(Ⅱ)[ 10-24 13:15 ]
《Dimemag》 columnist Dylan - Murphy wrote reviews about the NBA teams basketball jerseys since 2000.In his view, although the shirt isn't very gorgeous, but they are on behalf of the team a history.Murphy also names league top ten jerseys since 2000.
Top 10 basketball jersey since 2000,represents the glory of the past(Ⅰ)[ 10-22 17:43 ]
《Dimemag》 columnist Dylan - Murphy wrote reviews about the NBA teams basketball jerseys since 2000.In his view, although the shirt isn't very gorgeous, but they are on behalf of the team a history.Murphy also names league top ten jerseys since 2000.
NBA jersey classic LOGO will on the back,add ads in the front will increase 100 million every year[ 10-20 11:07 ]
According to the reports, the new season the classic LOGO on NBA jerseys will shift from shirt front to the back, while the front will add advertising.Before, NBA new agreement of television has jersey advertising release plan,30 teams is expected to get about $one hundred million in revenue from jersey advertisers.
Brazilian soccer team launched Chinese version jersey, printing "Five-Starred Red Flag" and showing Chinese characters[ 10-15 11:35 ]
On October 13 local time, according to Brazilian media?Universal?Sports reported, Rio De Janeiro's soccer team Madureira?launched New Jersey.Interestingly, this kind of soccer jersey with "Chinese flavor", ?red is the basic color with a big four small five stars, which is clear that it is the style of the "five-star red flag".In addition, the team's goalkeeper uniform design is also very interesting, garment body writing has "no tourism" four Chinese characters, along with "1964".
The Cavaliers release new season blue jersey, show the slogan "one for all".[ 10-13 15:54 ]
According to the New York Daily News the Cavaliers has launched the new season of the dark blue version of the jersey.This version of the jersey not only looks quite different from the past style in color, more importantly, the jersey has one bright spot - the incentive slogan "all for one, one for all".
Real Madrid black dragons and phoenixes soccer kit,Campaign UDFA Champions League[ 10-10 12:35 ]
Recently, the Spanish Real Madrid released 14 to 15 season the second away kit.This jersey designed by the famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, with black as the main tonal with white details, timeless elegance.This soccer kit stresses the real values of Real Madrid: greatness and determination, these two elements are composed of two god beast , derived from the Oriental culture and mixed appear in the front of the shirt.
Barcelona sent National Day wishes, Luneng awarded 101 soccer jersey[ 10-07 16:52 ]
Today is the last day of China's National Day holiday,whether everybody in China play happily in holiday?Being concerned about main soccer?leagues?Regret or happy?Anyway, on the last day of National Day, let us review news about soccer jersey during the National Day.
Rockets will wear Chinese basketball jersey, how do you think?[ 09-30 11:19 ]
According to a rockets fan BBS clutchfans revealed that Rockets will wear special jerseys during the Chinese lunar New Year of 2015, the biggest highlights of the jersey is there will be Chinese version of the name.
Soccer jersey popularity soared, the sales of clubs jersey is considerable[ 09-27 14:09 ]
European clubs have attached great importance to the soccer jersey sales, it's about the club financial income, so over the past year, which European club jersey sales at first? Spanish media DC net has unveiled the answer, Real Madrid had sold 1.4 million shirts during the past 12 months, ranking the first in Europe.
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