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What are the payment methods?[ 09-10 10:53 ]
We accept Cash (only in CNY), Bank Transfer or Western Union; all this information will be available to you once your order has been confirmed.
Do I have to pay in full before delivery?[ 09-10 10:51 ]
Yes, as soon as we have received the full payment on your order, we will dispatch your order and you will be notified via email.
Can I pay the deposit later?[ 09-10 10:50 ]
We require a minimum 50% deposit before the production of your order can begin. Many clients choose to deposit the full amount of the order so their garments can be dispatched without the need to wait for the remaining balance to be deposited.
Do I have to return the samples?[ 08-27 17:40 ]
As much as we would like to offer free samples to all our lovely customers, we do require them to be returned back to us. Please return the sample in the paid self-addressed envelope provided and take the package to your nearest post office. Samples must be returned within 14 days after receiving them.
Can you send me some samples?[ 08-27 17:38 ]
Yes, we are able to send out samples for our garments for you to examine the quality; we will also provide you with a paid self-addressed envelope to arrange for the return of the sample.
I’ve gotten my price quoted, what else do I need to pay?[ 08-19 09:39 ]
Nothing, when we quote you a price, that’s the final price, there’s no hidden fees.
What is the payment process?[ 08-19 09:37 ]
What is the payment process?
How is my price determined and how can I lower it?[ 08-02 16:14 ]
Price is determined by style, colour, order quantity, design and customization. If you’re looking to reduce your price, contact us with your quotation details and one of our dedicated team members can assist in having the garment meet your budget.
How do I get price quotes for my designs?[ 08-02 16:12 ]
We would like to offer every school with a unique design, so please refer How do I get price quotes for my designs?
Do you offer competitive pricing[ 08-02 16:09 ]
Our philosophy is simple, offer the best products at the best price, if you find a comparable product at a cheaper price from another competing business, we will price match for you* (*conditions apply).
Do you supply discounts to bulk purchases?[ 07-27 14:58 ]
When you order in bulk, we save on production costs and of course we will pass on the savings to you.
What is the turn around time from initial order?[ 07-27 14:55 ]
We will start working on your order straight away, but due to possible unexpected delays, we ask for a turn around time of 6-8 weeks per order, if you have an important deadline to meet, contact us and we will arrange to get your orders done as soon as possible.
There’s a problem with my order, what do I do?[ 07-27 14:52 ]
If you notice a problem after you have submitted your “order confirmation form”, please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to resolve the issue, however, once setup and manufacturing has begun, changes will not be able to be made.
Can I change or add to my order?[ 07-27 14:45 ]
Our dedicated team will work with you until you decide on a design that you are happy with, and alterations can be made right until we have received your “order confirmation form”. However, once setup and manufacturing has begun, changes will not be able to be made.
Can I trial your products?[ 07-27 14:39 ]
There are several ways to view or trial our products before you order. We can setup a no commitment appointment with you to present our range of products and answer any questions. Alternatively, we can also arrange to send out samples to you.
How do I place my order?[ 07-27 14:34 ]
Ordering is easy, just message us through our “contact us” form and one of our friendly staff consultants will guide you through the process.
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