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Guangzhou Panyu Aoxiang Garment Factory.

Phone No.:86-20-34709868


Address:2/F, NO.58 Industrial Road, No.1 Village, Los Pu Street, West, Da Shi Town, Pan Yu Distric,GuangZhou, 511431,China .

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  About Aoxiang


Guangzhou AoXiang garment factory, located in Guangzhou, China, specializing in design, development, manufacture, and sales of clothing. We have our own factory, advanced production equipment and professional manufacturing management. From the domestic and foreign customers, due to the high quality, popular designs, reasonable price, reliable service, our garments has won the high praise. Our products include jersey, basketball jersey, wear-resisting fan, sportswear, leisure clothing, polo T-shirt, uniform, professional digital design and all sorts of design welcome to visit our factory. Sportswear line, also do business of shoes, hats, socks and sports protection products.


Aoxiang  Proscenium

Aoxiang  Proscenium

Our factory can design according to customers' samples and products, also can make a small amount of party-masses including OEM production. All our garments are so popular, and have been sold to the wholesale suppliers and enterprises, schools, clubs, in Europe, America, Asia and other countries.

 Display Hall

Aoxiang  Display Hall

Display Hall

Aoxiang  Display Hall