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Guangzhou Panyu Aoxiang Garment Factory.

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Address:2/F, NO.58 Industrial Road, No.1 Village, Los Pu Street, West, Da Shi Town, Pan Yu Distric,GuangZhou, 511431,China .

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Distribution service advantages[ 06-20 16:41 ]
Provide high quality, good workmanship, fast delivery time service!Provide high quality, good workmanship, fast delivery time service!
Strong professional design team advantage[ 06-20 16:40 ]
Professional team, our in-house design team ideas with our customers' requirements to work!
Embroidery is thermal transfer technology advantage[ 06-20 16:37 ]
Embroidery, sublimation, screen printing, because we have our own printing factory and embroidery facilities!
OEM customization advantages[ 06-20 16:32 ]
Schools and other team sports apparel OEM customers to provide customized services! customized services!
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